"In Memory of Megx" June 09, 1989 - February 12, 2011

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    "In Memory of Megx" June 09, 1989 - February 12, 2011

    Post by b a r r a c u d a on 20/2/2011, 9:17 am

    "Follow Me"
    by Grace E. Easley

    "Take up your cross and follow Me,
    Wherever I may lead,
    Your back will ache, your feet grow tired,
    And yes, your heart will bleed.
    But we shall walk together,
    And I will share your lot,
    For I am always with you,
    And will forget you not."

    "Take up your cross and follow Me,
    And I will fill your days
    With joy that only I can give,
    In many precious ways.
    So learn to know Me better,
    For there are miles to go,
    And rest your head upon My heart,
    . . . For I have loved you so."

    "The light grows dim, the dusk descends,
    The sunlight turns to shade,
    I give My angels charge of you,
    So do not be afraid.
    But trust in Me and do not grieve
    For what has come and gone,
    I will provide for all your needs,
    . . . Because you are My own."

    "My yoke is sweet, My burden light,
    No matter where you roam,
    Remember earth will pass away,
    But heaven is your home.
    How very brief a time man walks
    Upon this earthly sod,
    So love Me as I first loved you,
    . . . And know that I am God."


    "Pride and grace cannot dwell in the same place."


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